FROM “U” UNIVERSITY enables Personalized Video Creation

InfinityBits developed a personalized video creation platform to provide early learning developmental resources and solutions to parents of children 0 to 5+ years of age. From "U" University member portal enables users to create a new video, keep drafts, download videos from Gallery, and check notification alerts to follow the video processing.

Personalized video features are specified within 3 video creation packages. FFmpeg supported real-time photo editing, video editing, and text & video animation commands are implemented on the cloud server to support video editing and creation all in real-time.

Supported Features

User friendly & responsive Interface
Customized Video Creation
In-app Drafts & Gallery
Runtime Audio & Video Rendering
Dynamic Learning Video Adding
Online Payment Options
Analytics & Order Tracking Dashboard
Support and Email reminders


The customized Cart comprised of Video Creation Package selection and DVD request option. User is directed to Paypal payment screen after selection of required options. After purchasing the video user will have access to the From “U” University member portal, which provides access to free early learning and development resources, and learning tools.


The video creation process is absolute, defined in steps, and with options to perform customization at any step before submission, i.e. Enter details within Input fields, Upload photos, Record audio message, Create Personalized videos, Choose pre-selected content bundle or opt to hand select the content, and a final review page.


Admin Dashboard is developed to provide extensive support the administrative user to check revenue generated on a daily, weekly, monthly basis as well as, other insights to check Giver analytics, check status of a purchased video package. Admin user can manage video packages, add/edit blogs, and view notifications against purchases.


Videos are processed, created and stored on a cloud server with storage enough to support hundreds of videos. Learning videos once processed are streamed to play in the video player with limited options to play/pause, mute/unmute, enlarge video play, as well as option to download video in local storage.


Customized Video Creation Platform is implemented that enables you to create personalized videos for your loved ones.

We chose latest technology stack best suited for the business use case and delivered a fully functional end product.

Developed By InfinityBits