InfinityBits developed Home BodySculpt to help user design and train for a personalized workout plan and nutrition program. The app is developed using latest technology stack and best suited software development practices as per the required business use-case.

Supported Features

User friendly interface
Customized Workout Plan Creation
Diet Plans Creation
Daily & Weekly Plan Tracking
Monthly Payment Subscription
Workout video uploading
Analytics & Workout Progress Reporting
Help & Support

About Home BodySculpt

User can check daily schedule from fitness calendar for Video Workouts, Diet Plans, Challenge videos, Listen Power of Mind Audio book, and check Progress graph.

Personalized Fitness Plan

Fitness plans are customizable: enabling a trainee to change fitness goal, update fitness level, and change focus areas to personalize its fitness plan for video workouts and diet plans. The app is developed with all the required features that help one achieve the right mindset to get the shape / physique they always wanted.

Fitness Tracker

The app keeps track of No. of completed Workout Days and Diet Days as well as keep track against each day and per 7 days. Fitness progress can be seen over the progress graph within a month and in between the months. Trainee is also required to submit its Measurements and pictures before and after completing the training month.

About the Focus Areas

Personalized Fitness Plan is dependent on the selection of Fitness goal, Fitness level, and Focus areas of the body. Selection of focus areas directly affects the Workout plan for a trainee which is why a disclaimer is provided to educate trainee ensuring the quality of user experience.

Home BodySculpt Admin Portal

Admin Portal comprises feature support implemented in React technologies for Workout Video management, Diet Plan creation, Free Challenge Video management, user accounts management along with user insights & analytics.

We let you train via Home BodySculpt

InfinityBits partnered with Educogym to develop a Personalized Fitness Training application to help people train from the comfort of their home.

We planned feature set, designed UI/UX, developed personalized training features, and delivered Home BodySculpt to mark a happy client moment.

Developed By InfinityBits